Smart AC Decisions for Your Home HVAC Starts Here – Double Check the Price Quote for the Repair or Replacement

Confirm the Diagnosis & Ensure the Actual Cost for Your System

Technician repairing an air conditioning unit outdoors.

We Make Certain You are Not Overpaying...

At CMB HVAC, our friendly and well-trained air conditioning repair technicians have the skillset to service, install, and repair HVAC systems of all makes and models. We have the connections to all the equipment suppliers that get us preferred pricing on parts and whole systems. We utilize that position for our neighbors in the community to save them potentially $1000’s on the repair or replacement. We are NOT like the ‘Other Guys’ – who aren’t truly local – who want to nickel and dime you on everything they can to cover their overhead.

As a Certified Locally Owned & Operated HVAC Company we can get you the best price.

Save on Replacement or Repair with Expert Advice

You can tell when the HVAC company you call to come over to your home actually cares about you from your very first contact. We, as your neighbors in the communities in which we work, know how valuable it is to have you as our customer and client. We don’t ever consider you “just another job” or “a number to squeeze for more”. We know that we will see you again in the grocery store, or at the next county fair or local events. We want to see smiles and satisfaction run across your face every time we reconnect. We treat every repair or replacement opportunity like you are family. 


That is why we want to offer to you our Free Service Call Option: When you call us for that ever-needed Second Opinion and Diagnosis it will be at NO COST TO YOU.

Two Amana air conditioning units outside a residential home.

Here’s WHY You Need to Call and Book with Us:

Customized Service

Although each piece of HVAC equipment is standardized, each home in the Wasatch front has it’s own characteristics to consider. here’s just a few:

  1. Elevations can play a factor in what systems to use
  2. Square footage of homes help to determine systems’ configurations
  3. Existing inner infrastructure (ducts, insulation, walls, etc.)
  4. Airflow factors within the home
  5. Even temp distribution throughout the home 
  6. Environmental and Allergen considerations

Some homes are pretty straightforward while others have these and a few other factors to consider. We get you the options and with you, decide on the best course of action for your Home Heating and Air Conditioning needs every time.

Close Community Connection

We were taught right by our moms and dads that we should treat those we come in contact with, look to do business with and be of service to as we ourselves would like to be treated. That Golden Rule is a guiding principle in all that we do as HVAC Experts:


Because we do not answer to out-of-state interests or are overburdened with gigantic overhead costs, we can do what is right for you as a homeowner in the communities we are in. That means that times to receive services from CMB HVAC are shorter, Pricing is better, and you do not get any excuses or run-around from us or our office. We are firm believers and we practice full and honest communications with those we do business with. We are looking for your satisfaction (and future referrals) instead of how much we can grow the profit margin with your situation. Unlike the “Other Guys’ we never prioritize revenues over your satisfaction.

Faster Response Times

Being Locally Owned and Operated our inner office systems have to be streamlined, and cannot be burdened with the “Other Guys” red tape

For Emergencies, or system checks or maintenance. Give us a call if:

Variaties of Resources

At CMB HVAC, we utilize highest-grade equipment to fix the situation you find yourself in with your HVAC System. Across the board, for the Units, parts and equipment that is connected, onto the ducts, the electrical, the installation, etc. we can get it done for you. We are NOT pigeon-holed to offering singular systems or solutions because of conglomerate outside pressure like the others are. We know where you can get the best deal.

Knowledge & Know-How

We are life long Utahns, who have grown up here locally, and have been trained to the specific requirements from local governments, environments and building practices prevalent here all along the Wasatch Mountains. Whether you live as far north as Cache County all the way down to Utah County and as far as Summit or Tooele Counties we have the the expertise that is needed for our state and our weather conditions.

Support of Local Economy

We are in your communities, we are building our reputations and our business on each and every project we work on. We can ill-afford to not do our best, like the other out-of-state owned companies in the industry. 


We hold every call, interaction, service provided, part replaced, system installed and every home’s HVAC we touch in the highest regard.  We hope that you, as the homeowner can also hold us in the highest regard and give us the opportunity, as a Certified Locally Owned and Operated HVAC company the chance to make the difference for you.

Broad Service Areas

As mentioned above our service area covers a wide range in Northern Utah. We can get to you quickly where you live. Ogden, Layton, Farmington, Salt Lake City, Park City, Tooele, Sandy, Herriman and all the way south to Lehi, Provo and Spanish Fork we got ya covered. CMB HVAC is there for you as a homeowner to know which step you need to take when it comes to one of the most important decisions you need to make when it comes to your home. One that can cost you in many ways if you don’t get it just right. And that is our specialty, getting it right for you.

CMB HVAC is Dedicated to Getting You the Best Equipment at the Best Price for You.

What do we at CMB HVAC do differently?

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Repaired
Amana air conditioning unit outside a house.

Here’s HOW we do things differently:

Cost Comparison

The adage of, “You Get What You Pay For” only holds true if you truly know what is out there in the ways of systems and options. We get you what you are looking for, at the specifications you need, at a cost that you can live with. There is a Good, Better, Best and we can show you the difference.

Scope of Work

We fully disclose what is the current state of our home’s HVAC system. We promise that we will never seek to “Pad the Bid” with items that are not needed or not needing to be replaced at this moment. Unlike what the “Other Guys” do, we only want to do the work that is needed, not with any of the ‘extras’ that are needless and more expensive.

Quality of Service

Because of the Scope of Work we seek to do you can have full confidence that with what we come back to you, show you, and discuss with you is what you actually need. Whether it is simple maintenance, a repair of a part or two, or even a call to replace the full unit, you can be certain that is what is necessary for your family’s comfort in the home.

Warranty and Guarantees

We also fully disclose what is covered under warranties from the manufacturers, parts providers and with our own work on your home’s systems. We want you to know what you are buying, so that the decisions can be made with a full knowledge of what’s involved. And we put it all in writing for you to keep.

Expert Opinions

We at CMB HVAC work hard to keep up with the latest innovations in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry. Our ongoing training and continuing education allows us to best serve those who call on us for their home’s systems. Rest assured, when you see CMB HVAC you are getting the Experts at your doorstep.

Local Experience

Stale and musty conditions are often the byproduct of AC issues. A recurring cause of musty odors is sitting water, which can accumulate in AC drain pans, ducts, and drip lines, nurturing the growth of fungus and mildew. Because we know about Utah’s peculiar weather we can spot more easily what the problem may be and get you the solution for it.

Unusual Circumstances

We live in a great place here in Utah, and Northern Utah can have it’s quirks, and situations not only as a result of the weather, but because of things like, critters (large or small), natural overgrowth or previous man-made mistakes we can get in there for you and figure out exactly what can be done to bring your home’s HVAC to optimal operations and peace of mind to you as the home’s owner.

Negotiation Leverage

We value our reputation, as a company, as experts and as service providers in our communities, and we as a Locally Owned and Operated Company have the leverage when it comes to getting the equipment you as a homeowner needs, at the best pricing possible. We go to bat for you when we negotiate with our suppliers, always seeking to getting the best for you as our customer and client.

Outdoor central air conditioning unit beside house.

How Much Does an Air Conditioner Repair Cost?

Multiple factors determine the cost of air conditioner repairs, including:

After an inspection and diagnosis, we will offer a detailed and transparent price estimate and now, FOR A LIMITED TIME the service call is at no cost to you!

 You can rest assured when something needs repairing or replacing that we will never tack on hidden fees at any point.

Our HVAC specialists are experienced and NATE certified. 

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